What is The Honeymoon Project?

The Honeymoon Project is dedicated to honeymoon ideas and inspiration. I set it up after my own honeymoon, when I discovered that there was little impartial non-travel agent advice for brides and grooms planning their honeymoons. These days, your honeymoon can be whatever you want it to be – and whether you’re looking for a classic beach view and swim-up bar, or an off-the-beaten-track adventure, I hope you’ll find inspiration here.

Who are you?

I’m Emma Gibbs, a travel writer and editor. I work primarily for Rough Guides, but I also work as a freelance writer. Books I have contributed to include Make the Most of Your Time in Britain, The Rough Guide to Laos, and The Rough Guide to Europe on a Budget. I’m currently updating the Laos chapter for the third edition of The Rough Guide to Southeast Asia on a Budget. For a comprehensive list of my work, check out my professional website: emmagibbs.com.

Where did you go on honeymoon?

We spent four weeks travelling around South Africa – starting in Durban, we headed up to the Mozambique border, before slowly making our way down to Cape Town, via game parks, lightning-struck mountain walks, more prawns than we could begin to count, and lots of wine sampling. You can read about it here.

Where’s your favourite place in the world?

Ah, the eternal question. Unsurprisingly, as a travel writer, this isn’t an easy one to narrow down. My top four, however, would have to be Dartmoor, France, New York City, and Malaysia.

Do you have a favourite hotel?

Just as with my favourite place(s), I’ve got a few – and I expect this list will constantly be evolving. But at the very top have to be Kosi Forest Lodge in South Africa, La Résidence Phou Vao in Laos, and the Eastern and Oriental in Malaysia.

Whose job is it to book the honeymoon?

It’s entirely up to you – traditionally it was the groom’s job, but it’s much more fun if you plan it together.

There were elephants on our honeymoon. You can't go wrong with elephants.

Do I have to have a honeymoon?

No, of course not! But getting married, even if you’re having the most low-key, stress-free wedding in the world, is pretty huge, and I’d really recommend taking at least a day or two off work, even if you’re just at home, so that the two of you can recoup and reflect on what’s just happened – and so you can enjoy turning to each other and saying “we’re married!” The first few days after getting married are pretty heady, regardless of whether you’re on a palm fringed beach or not.

Help! We have no idea where to go!

It’s a bit of a minefield, isn’t it? First, figure out how much you two are happy to spend. Then, check out my month-by-month guide to find out where the best weather is for the month you’re getting married. You can then head to the honeymoon destinations section to look for specific countries. And if you’re still stuck – email me at emma@thehoneymoonproject.com. Let me know what kind of thing you want to do, how much you want to spend, and when you want to go, and I’ll see what I can suggest for you.

I’m looking for information on a certain destination, but I can’t find anything.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the site, please let me knowThe Honeymoon Project is a work in progress, and as there’s just one of me, and lots of different kinds of honeymoons, some destinations (for the moment) have been featured less than others. Let me know what you want to see, or where you’re interested in, and I’ll make it a priority.

We’ve been on honeymoon – are you interested in hearing about it?

Yes please! I love featuring real honeymoons; you’ll find more information about submissions for that here.

Why are all the prices in pounds?

I live in the UK, and the majority of my readers are also based in the UK, so it makes sense to price things up in pounds sterling. Rates reflect the current exchange rate at the time of research. If you want to know how much a price would be in your home currency, I’d recommend using xe.com for a quick conversion.

Travel writing is the most glamorous career in the world, right?

This is not a glamourous bus.

If you could see me, three weeks into a research trip, on a twelve-hour journey on a bus that saw its best days in China in the 1970s, having packed nothing but biscuits for my three meals of the day, and surrounded by lovely but rather travel-sick local villagers, you might disagree. It can be, believe it or not, rather lonely, especially when you’re sat somewhere picture-perfect without someone to share it with, and having to constantly get up early, take notes about everything, and with very little time to just really enjoy a place. But if you’re a bit of a travel junky like I am, and if you love writing, it’s a pretty great way to earn a living.

Do you accept advertising?

Yes – please click here for more information.

Have you been everywhere you write about on this site?

Alas, no. I (unfortunately) don’t have the time (or money) to personally review and experience every hotel/destination/service that I feature. However, I do carefully choose everywhere featured on the site, to make sure that they will be of interest to my readers.

Do you accept freebies?

From time to time, I do receive freebies from hotels and other companies. I’ll always make this clear in the post, and you can be assured that everything you read here is my honest opinion – I’ll say if I didn’t like something, regardless of whether it was free or not.