Honeymoon wardrobe: the maternity wear edition

What to pack for your honeymoon is likely to be a big consideration at the best of times, but it can feel like even more of a minefield if you’re going to be honeymooning while pregnant. For a start, with your shape and size rapidly changing, it can be hard to anticipate what’s going to fit you from one week to the next; secondly, there’s the issue that maternity wear isn’t the most beautiful of clothing – and it can be hard to justify shelling out for lots of new clothes if you’re not going to wear them once the nine months are up.

There is, however, an ever-increasing array of interesting maternity clothes out there, many of which are fairly cheap so you may feel like you can splash out a bit pre-honeymoon. My main advice is to consider what will be comfortable – especially if you’re going to a hot climate where the heat can be oppressive at the best of times – so think floaty dresses, long vests to cover your bump, and trousers with a bump band. If you’re heading somewhere colder, remember that you’re likely to get hotter than usual, so layers are your best bet. And don’t be afraid to look at your current wardrobe – you may well find that a lot of your dresses will still accommodate a bump, while baggy jumpers will keep you covered for quite a while (as long as you don’t mind a bit of stretching).

To help you out, here’s a few of my current favourite maternity items available in the UK, split into both hot- and cold-weather options.

Clothes for honeymooning while pregnant - winter options

1 Floral top, Topshop £36;  2 Stripe tunic dress, Topshop £22;  Fine-knit jumper, H&M £19.99;  4 Tie-knot dress, Isabella Oliver £73.50;  5 Grey jumper, H&M £29.99;  6 Maternity jeans, H&M £24.99

Clothes for honeymooning while pregnant - summer


1 Sequin & chiffon skater dress, ASOS £40;  2 Maxi dress, Next £23;  Grecian drape dress, Asos £21;  4 Long vest, H&M £6.99;  Lace skater dress, Mamas & Papas £50;  Striped swimsuit, Next £21





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