Honeymoon Places stealing content from The Honeymoon Project

It has recently come to my attention that the website Honeymoon Places has been stealing content from The Honeymoon Project. Everything that appears on these pages – unless otherwise stated – is copyright of The Honeymoon Project and may not be used without my permission; which, in this case, Honeymoon Places has not been given.


While I have no doubt that Honeymoon Places is using some kind of bot to steal my content (my last post – Honeymoon destination guide: Singapore – was up within hours of it being published on here), that doesn’t negate the fact that this is illegal. I have contacted the owner of Honeymoon Places and requested that the posts be taken down immediately – as yet, only a few of my posts have been deleted from the site, but a few still remain. I will, therefore, be taking the necessary legal action to make sure that Honeymoon Places is unable to continue like this.

Apologies to regular readers of The Honeymoon Project – normal honeymoon-based posts will resume soon! – but I wanted to make sure that anyone who finds my articles through Honeymoon Places realises that it is stolen copy.

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