Choosing a honeymoon gift list

The days of the department store gift list being the only real option for couples getting married are well and truly over. With an ever-increasing number of honeymoon gift list options available, you now have a better choice than ever if you’d prefer your guests help contribute towards your honeymoon instead of buying you some bed sheets.

There’s two basically two options for a honeymoon gift list – setting one up with a travel agent, or going with an independent company. Setting up a list with a travel agent is obviously only possible if you book your trip through them, but it can be very helpful to have the gift list linked to your booking so that the money can directly go towards paying for your trip. A lot of travel companies don’t charge for their gift list service, which is great news, and you can often choose whether to ask for straight cash contributions, or to ask for specific “gifts” such as upgrades, romantic dinners or day trips (which the travel agent will usually be able to arrange for you). The important thing to remember about having a travel agent gift list is that you will usually be expected to pay the total amount by about ten weeks before your honeymoon; many guests may not contribute or buy your gift until much closer to the wedding, so do be prepared to have to pay for the outstanding balance yourselves, though of course any money that is added to your account after this date will be refunded to you.

Travel agents that offer gift lists include Travel Counsellors (read my post about their service here), Trailfinders and Turquoise Holidays.

If you’re looking for complete flexibility, are booking your honeymoon independently or through a travel agent that doesn’t offer a honeymoon list, or simply want to offer your guests a choice between a traditional gift list and a honeymoon one, then booking through a specialist honeymoon gift list company is a fantastic idea (in fact, I think it’s a fantastic idea full stop). One of the great things about these sites (or at least, the best of them), is that you can customise your domain name, making it personal to the two of you (and easy for your guests to remember), fill your list with whatever you want (car hire, contributions to your flights, scuba dives, horse riding, a new iron…), and have complete control over the money that you are given, so you can essentially use it as soon as you are given it. And it’s also worth bearing in mind that in many instances you’ll also be helping to support a small business – which means everyone wins. The only thing to watch out for with gift list companies is their fees – these really vary from company to company, and the best will be completely upfront with how much they charge.

I’ve posted here about the service that Buy Our Honeymoon offer – it’s arguably the best honeymoon gift list service available, and they only charge a one-off fee of £55 for you to use their service, which means you don’t have to worry about passing on commission charges to your guests (great news all round). There are countless other options available (such as Deposit a Gift), so you may well want to shop around a bit before settling on something – I’d really recommend doing a bit of research into a company before signing up for anything, and do make sure you read the small print with regards to prices and any hidden charges.

If you’ve used a honeymoon gift list yourself then do let me know what you thought of the service in the comments below, or by dropping me an email as it would be great to hear about personal experiences with them.

Photograph courtesy of Ian Britton

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