Whose job is it to book the honeymoon?

Traditionally, the honeymoon was one of the few jobs that was delegated to the groom during the wedding planning – he would plan the whole thing and then surprise his wife with the details after the wedding. These days, of course, there’s no need to stick to this – it’s really up to the two of you whether one or both of you plan the trip.

My husband knew that there was no way I was going to let him plan the honeymoon alone – hardly surprising considering my career choice – and I did a lot of the research and planning, running through things together before booking anything. For me, planning the honeymoon was one of the most exciting things about getting married, but I appreciate that for many other people it’s just another thing to add to the long to-do list.

If you do decide that your fiancé should book the honeymoon, then do make sure that he’s happy doing so – it can feel like a lot of pressure to “get it right”, after all. If he’s not, and you’re not too keen either, then make a quick list of the things you want from your honeymoon, and your budget, and head down to a travel agent (or email one) to discuss your options – they’ll be more than happy to help you out.

If your fiancé is happy to take on the planning, then I’d personally recommend that you still give a little input into the plans – even if you don’t want to know the actual destination until you’re at the airport, let him know what kind of thing you’re looking for from the honeymoon, and any countries that you don’t want to go to (or really want to go to) – it’ll make things a lot easier for both of you. That said, you could decide on a destination together, then leave it up to him to sort out the hotels and itinerary – that way you know more or less what to expect, but still get the element of surprise.

There’s something very romantic about being whisked away on holiday, and I can imagine that when it’s your honeymoon it’s especially so. If your fiancé is planning it all, then do trust him – there’s a reason why you’re marrying him, after all, and he’ll know you well enough to put together a really fantastic trip, wherever you end up.

Personally, I think the planning the honeymoon together is a lot of fun – for a start, you’ll both be able to talk through your own ideas for it, and it’s exciting to look into where to go, what to see and do, and where to stay together. There are so many aspects of the wedding that the bride tends to plan without the groom, so it can be great to have time in the middle of all the wedding details to talk over and plan things together. That said, regardless of who books your honeymoon, you’re bound to have a fabulous time.

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