Where to honeymoon: July


If you’re after serious sunshine and heat on your honeymoon then the northern hemisphere is the place to be in July, but as you head further into the month and the schools break up you should anticipate busy towns and resorts, especially if you’re heading for well-known places. That said, there’s no need to rule out destinations that are further afield – parts of southern Africa are particularly good at this time of year for animal-watching. As it’s a popular time to travel, I’d recommend booking your honeymoon as early as you can, partly to ensure better prices, and also to have a better chance of getting your first choice of flights and accommodation.


  • Okay, so the weather is entirely unpredictable, but when the sun does shine, the UK is a great place to be. Head to the seaside – Devon and Cornwall are the most obvious choices, or try the Suffolk coast, Northumberland, or the beautiful beaches of the Pembrokeshire coast in Wales.
  • Europe’s beaches will be hot, but they will also be very busy – still, it’s hard to resist the allure of islands like Corsica and Sardinia if you’re looking for sun and sea.
  • If you’re not too bothered about the beaches, then consider heading for the mountains – in particular, if you like walking, summer is a great time to make the most of all that fresh alpine air and beautiful scenery in Austria and Switzerland.
  • July is also a great time to visit Scandinavia and experience the midnight sun; if you don’t mind a bit of chillier weather, it’s a particularly good time to head up to Spitsbergen, in Norway‘s polar north – a cruise is the best way to explore this beautiful region.
  • Experience the Fourth of July in the most appropriate place – Washington D.C. – perhaps combining with some time a bit further south in Virginia, or consider heading up to beautiful New England.
  • Weather-wise, Bali is one of the best choices in Southeast Asia at this time of year. Consider splitting your time between the beach and the countryside in order to get the most out of your time; the nearby island of Lombok also makes a great (and more low-key) choice.
  • It may be winter down in the southern hemisphere, but that doesn’t mean you should entirely rule it out – South America is beautiful at this time of year, and in Argentina you could combine wine tasting and tango with a bit of skiing.
  • The South Pacific remains a great choice in July – Bora Bora is perfect for those daydreams of crystal clear waters, over-water bungalows and picture-postcard beaches.
  • For one of the greatest wildlife spectacles in the world, head to Kenya to see the annual wildebeest migration in the Maasai Mara – you can then hop over to the lovely island of Lamu for total relaxation.

Don’t forget to check out my recommendations for June and August, as there’s likely to be a fair amount of cross-over between months. And remember that these destinations have generally been picked for the offering the best weather at this time of year – if you don’t mind a bit of rain (see my article about monsoon seasons here), then your options will substantially increase.

Photographs courtesy of: Chris Frewin; David d’O

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