Where to honeymoon: August


If you’re after heat, lots and lots of heat, and don’t mind crowded beach resorts, and cities that are full of tourists rather than locals, then you’ll find continental Europe a good choice in August – just don’t expect it to be quiet. That said, if you’re prepared to go a bit off the beaten track then you’ll definitely be rewarded for it. Unless you like seriously sweltering hot weather, then the Middle East and North Africa are best avoided – if you go, make sure you stay somewhere with a pool so that you can easily cool off.

Though New York and Los Angeles might be a little too muggy and worth avoiding at this time of year, August is a great time to enjoy the great outdoors of North America. Meanwhile, the Caribbean and Central America are still in the throes of hurricane and rainy seasons – not great if you want guaranteed sunshine and beach time. Much of Asia continues to be in the midst of monsoon season, but it’s not hard to find a country, or part of a country, where you’ll still enjoy beautiful weather.The southern hemisphere will be well into winter at this time of year – but if you’re looking for a bit of adventure then it’s a great time to visit.


  • For beautiful, tranquil surroundings, think lakes in Switzerland and the gorgeous Black Forest in Germany (not to mention wonderful spa towns). Or head out to beautiful Slovenia to explore the mountains and rivers.
  • This is the time of year for festivals – head to Edinburgh for theatre and comedy, or out into the USA‘s scorching Nevada desert for the eclectic Burning Man festival.
  • Though much of the country will be in monsoon season, this is a great time to visit the east coast of Sri Lanka (do check FCO travel advice before booking though), and to experience the Esala Perahera festival in Kandy.
  • Malaysia is a great choice – for beaches, head to Tioman Island on the east coast, or the less developed Perhentians right in the northeast, or jump over to Sabah, on the island of Borneo, where you’ll find gorgeous islands, tropical rainforest and orang-utans.
  • If you’re after a safari honeymoon, consider heading to Tanzania to experience the wildebeest migration – the weather is a bit cooler at this time of year, but it’ll still be very pleasantly warm, and it’s a great time for animal-watching. For a beach honeymoon that’s a bit off the beaten track, head for Mozambique.
  • It’s still dry season in the South Pacific – consider Fiji for that winning combination of volcanic islands, white sand beaches and gently swaying palm trees.
  • With amazing scenery that encompasses glaciers, fjords, mountains and islands (among so many others) packed into a small size, winter is a great choice to see New Zealand – especially if you’re a bit of an adrenalin junky. Expect cool weather, but lots of beautifully clear days.

Don’t forget to check out my recommendations for July and September, as there’s likely to be a fair amount of cross-over between months. And remember that these destinations have generally been picked for the offering the best weather at this time of year – if you don’t mind a bit of rain (see the article about monsoon seasons here), then your options will substantially increase.

Photos courtesy of Michael Holden; Choh Wah Ye

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