Should you go all-inclusive?

One of the many popular options with honeymooners is to book a package to an all-inclusive resort, where the price you pay includes not only your transport and accommodation, but all of your meals and drinks (alcoholic and soft – though there are occasionally some exclusions on this). You can often get very competitive prices for such deals, espeically through (though not limited to) companies like First Choice, Thomson and Thomas Cook.

They’re not for everyone, however, so the following points are worth bearing in mind if you’re trying to decide on whether an all-inclusive honeymoon is for you.

Reasons to book an all-inclusive trip:

  • You’re on a tight budget and would rather everything was already paid for up-front like meals, drinks and activities.
  • You’re not planning on travelling around (except, perhaps, for day trips) and looking for a resort where you can just relax and have a good time.
  • You’re not bothered about eating locally, and are quite happy making use of the resort’s restaurants and bars.
  • You want to stay somewhere that offers everything you could possibly want to do, in one place.

Though all-inclusive resorts don’t offer a huge amount of flexibility if you’re looking to explore a country and have a more “local” experience, if you’re looking for little more than a couple of weeks lazing on the beach then it’s not necessarily a bad idea – and in places like the Maldives it’s quite often the best, and sometimes only, option. Also, if you can get a cheap package out to an all-inclusive resort, there’s nothing to stop you from heading off elsewhere for part of your time there, in order to make the most of the place you’re visiting – you could essentially use to package to get you in and out of the country.

One thing I would recommend if you’re looking at staying at an all-inclusive resort  is checking beforehand what choice they offer with regards to restaurants – even the nicest place to eat can become a bit much after two weeks of dining just there.  If there’s a few restaurants and cafés to choose from then that’ll make things much more interesting; and it’s worth checking what their reputations are like, as bad food can quickly make a holiday disappointing.

I’ve never stayed at an all-inclusive resort myself as I much prefer being more independent, but if you have (honeymoon or not) then do let me know in the comments below – I’d be really interested to hear about what you thought of the experience.

Photograph by Edwin Wisse.

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