Honeymoon gift lists: Buy Our Honeymoon

If you’ve already got all the pots and pans you could ever need, or could do with a little extra for your honeymoon, then you may well have considered asking guests for money rather than gifts. But there’s something that feels rather mercenary about asking for cash, and lots of guests, especially older people, prefer to feel like they’re giving an actual gift.

An increasing number of travel companies, including Trailfinders and Turquoise Holidays, offer a honeymoon gift list – once you’ve booked a honeymoon through them, you can set up a site where guests can contribute to your trip.

My personal favourite, largely because it’s a brilliant choice if you’ve organised your honeymoon yourselves or are using a company that doesn’t offer such a service, is Buy Our Honeymoon. It’s entirely customisable, so you get to choose what guests can contribute to – you may want them to put some money towards your flights or your accommodation, or you may prefer to ask for a few special extras that’ll really make your honeymoon memorable – such as a meal in the best restaurant in town, a helicopter ride or some much deserved massages.

Buy Our Honeymoon was set up by Shelley and Andrew Green, who had initially set up the website for their own honeymoon, and found it to be so positively received that they decided to make it available to other couples. And it really is a great website – easy to use, nice to look at, and full of helpful pointers to enable you to make the most of the service. They don’t charge commission on any money given to you – which means your guests can be assured that you’re getting every penny they’re giving – but there is a small set up fee of £55. But it’s a really small price to pay for the service you get, which includes seventy customisable registry cards to give to your guests and a choice of domain names, and minimum company branding on your site. And there’s a free seven-day trial with no obligation to continue – so if you decide it’s not for you that’s no problem.

You really can choose to put anything on your site that you want – so if you want to offer guests a choice between contributing to your honeymoon and buying some household items, then you could. If you fancy the idea but don’t have the time to decide on what to put on the website, Andrew and Shelley will be happy to find a list for a destination that matches yours (for a minor fee) that you can then copy and personalise yourselves – easy.

I can’t really say it better than Andrew himself, so I’ll finish up with his wise words: Imagine champagne chilling in your upgraded hotel suite, a gourmet meal in the flickering candle light as the ocean laps nearby.  It’s all so much more appealing than a blender – and so much more appealing for your guests, too, who’ll feel that they’ve given you a really special treat instead of merely contributing to an anonymous pot of cash.

(In the interest of transparency, I haven’t been paid to feature Buy Our Honeymoon, I just think they’re a great, young company offering a fantastic service. If we hadn’t needed new things for our house to replace all our decrepit hand-me-downs, then we would have used them ourselves.)

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