Five tips for choosing your honeymoon

Choosing your honeymoon destination needn’t be a minefield, though it’s hard not to feel the pressure to get it right. Even working in travel doesn’t exempt you from this – I drove my husband mad with dithering between countless destinations, which stretched from Brazil to Vietnam to Australia and, finally, to South Africa. The truth is, wherever you go will be amazing, because you’ll have just gotten married, and that alone, holiday or no holiday, is a fantastic feeling.

If you’re just beginning to think about honeymoons, or are stuck in a bit of a muddle about yours, here’s a few pointers that are worth bearing in mind to help you make your decision.

How long you can go away for It’s easy, when you initially start planning, to forget to consider how much time is lost in getting to your destination – once you factor in flights, a two-week trip suddenly becomes ten days if you’re going to Australia. You don’t want to spend ages getting to your honeymoon if you don’t have adequate time to wind down and enjoy yourself before heading home again.

How much you can spend Chances are, you’ll probably be happy spending more on your honeymoon than you would on a normal holiday, though you may feel, with everything else that a wedding entails, that you can’t splurge as much as you want. This is a really important thing to consider – the last thing you want to do is spend the whole trip worrying about how much you are spending.

How much money you can spend will of course affect your destination – £4000 will get you a lot further in southeast Asia than in Europe – though you do have to factor in more expensive flights. It’s worth considering that if you book your holiday through a travel agent you will probably just have to pay an initial deposit, with the remaining amount payable shortly before departure – this can be a great idea as it helps you to spread the cost a little. Conversely, booking everything independently can save you even more money – we found that some travel agents quoted us £1000 more than it would have cost us to put the same trip together ourselves.

Remember though that honeymoons don’t have to be expensive and there’s plenty of options for keeping the cost down (which I’ll cover over the next few weeks), whether it’s a case of going closer to home, booking a package or setting up a honeymoon gift list.

Time of year Chances are, you’ve already booked your wedding date or at least know roughly when it’s going to be. This will undoubtedly have an impact on where you can go –for example, if you’re getting married in June and have your heart set on a beach honeymoon in Thailand, you’ll need to head to the Gulf Coast islands in order to avoid the worst of the rains.

What you want to do If you’re in a real quandary about where to go, sit down with your fiance(e) and talk about what you want to be able to do on your honeymoon. It sounds rather dull, but when we were planning ours, I found the best way to narrow down our options was to make a list of what we wanted. So ours went something like: great food, lots of wildlife, snorkelling, easy to get around, and a vibrant city. Okay, so it didn’t completely narrow things down for us, but it helped us to focus on what we wanted….and eventually we got there.

Have fun Seriously. There’s enough to get stressed about in the run-up to your wedding without stressing about this. If you can’t face the thought of planning anything else, find a travel agent you can trust. A good travel agent will listen to what you want and make suggestions based on your budget and when you want to travel. Best of all, you’re under no obligation to book through them if you decide you’ve found something better. Alternatively, drop me a line, and I’ll see what ideas I can come up with.

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