Do you need a honeymoon?

For many couples, the honeymoon is one of the most exciting parts of getting married. But for some, the idea of spending more money when it feels as though you’re already haemorrhaging it can seem like a step too far – too much money, too much planning, too much time. Do you even really need a honeymoon?

Well, no, of course not. It may feel like it sometimes but there’s no rulebook for weddings – you don’t have to invite everyone you know, have a colour scheme, matching bridesmaids, a sit down meal, a first dance…and by that reasoning, you don’t have to have a honeymoon.

Do I think you should? Well, yes. Obviously I’m completely biased. I work in travel, I spend most of my day thinking about travel, and you could say I’m a little obsessed by it. But it’s more than that. Weddings are a stressful business – even if you’ve been priding yourself on keeping calm, chances are it’s not until it’s over and you have a chance to really stop that you’ll realise just how tense you were.

Even if you can’t afford to go away (or don’t want to), take a couple of days off, lock yourselves in your house or hole up in a little B&B, unwind and get used to the fact that you’re married. Because you’ll probably have a wonderful wedding day, but the other side is really, really fantastic, and the two of you will probably find that you need a bit of time to take it all in. Which, in truth, is really what the honeymoon is all about.

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